Taking care of your furniture

With winter drawing in, it’s sadly less likely that conservatory owners will be spending any more time basking in the sun. Instead they may find themselves relegated to keeping the doors shut and the blinds down; snuggling up with a book.

All is not lost though, as conservatory furniture stays with you no matter what the weather – as long as you look after it.

So why it might not be the first thing on your mind, if you get a chance to treat your furniture in advance of next summer, then you’ll be able to get it out at the first sign of sun next year.

Cleaning and dusting

Making sure that the whole conservatory is adequately dusted is an essential step in beginning to clean furniture. This is because furniture can attract dust and there’s no point of cleaning if the actual room is covered in it!

Starting from the ceilings, dust all the lips, crooks and crannies that you can find from the highest point of the room down – before moving onto dusting the furniture. Use a feather duster to get to those hard-to-reach places and a micro-fibre or electrostatic cloth for surfaces.

Dust can actually encourage hayfever so it’s best to try and minimise it all year round for the sake of the whole home.

Cleaning and treating woods

Use your dust cloth first to remove any loose dirt and grime before inspecting the furniture for marks. If you notice scratches, then use a furniture marker or crayon to go over the affected area.

If you’re using a polish – some of which can repel dust for longer – then follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t overdo it with the polish, as overcompensating can lead to a thick build-up of polish on your furniture and can potentially spoil it.

To try to minimise dust throughout the winter months, make sure all vents in the house are free to breathe without disruption. Additionally, ensure that windows stay closed; which will also retain heat, so as not to encourage any outside debris into the house.

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