UV Water Filter – Review

UV water filter has used by municipal water services since 19th century. Ultra Violet effective to kill bacteria or organic substance which contain in water. Bacteria like Shigella, E. Coli, Salmonella, Giardia, Klebsiella, or Cholera can eliminate by Ultraviolet water filter.

UV water filter2 UV Water Filter

Ultraviolet capability to kills bacteria has used by water filter manufacture to make mass ultraviolet water filter. Ultraviolet water filters available founded in the market or store, people become familiar with UV water purifier. More thousands UV water filter product has been sold in the market, people trust that water filters can save their body from harmful contaminants.

UV water filter just effective for organic harmful substance but not effective for non organic contaminants and also cysts. After water filtered you must hurry use the water before the bacteria contain again in the water.

The fact, two hundred one thousand known dangerous toxins in the water have been found by Ralp Nader when he did a research of America water systems. Also, the research found pesticides contain the water supply which locates in twenty major American cities. Other contain like chlorine, fluoride, radon 222, lead, mercury, dissolved solids, prescription drug, cysts was found in household’s water.

Non organic contaminants might effect in long time. Carcinogenic contaminants cause the cancer such as Volatile Organic Compounds, THME, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, or other non organic harmful contaminants.

With new toxic was founded in the water, UV water filters cannot remove that dangerous contaminants. For complex contaminants you need water filter which used multi stage filtered process with using ion exchange, carbon filter and sub micron filtration. This combination filter can removed all type of contaminants from your waters.

Consider the dangerous an-organic substance, save your health and your family with using water filter which can handle all of contaminants problem. Use ordinary filter like UV water filter are dangerous choice for toxic substance or other non-organic contaminants.

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